Plant & site security

We offer high-level, professional security solutions for your entire site.

Plant and site security is one of our core competencies. Protect your critical infrastructure from material and asset damage with our traditional and/or mobile video surveillance options.

Solutions combining a trained human eye and artificial intelligence are increasingly becoming the standard in the security industry.

Our use of professionally qualified personnel, paired with state-of-the-art security technology, enables us to put together an individual and reliable security package for you.

Mark Sauermann, Managing Director at Sauermann Sicherheit

Our services

Seamless surveillance

We offer modern, forward-looking surveillance solutions for all industries.
Whether using traditional security personnel, intelligent remote surveillance, or both, nothing escapes our watchful eyes.

Fire watch

Our trained response team works to prevent, detect and defend against all possible fire hazards. In the event of a fire, we will coordinate with the fire brigade to implement any necessary measures, and initiate an evacuation if necessary.

Access controls

We know an unfriendly "You're not coming in" isn't the way to do things. Our security team strictly adheres to your desired code of conduct, and carefully implements your admissions regulations.

Reception service

With decades of experience providing security services, we know what matters to you. So, in addition to carrying out your security requirements, we make sure to receive visitors in a coordinated, respectful manner that shines well upon you.

Security patrolling

In our security patrol service, trained guards look out for the first signs of planned crime. If initial suspicions are confirmed, they will initiate immediate countermeasures to restore the utmost security on your premises.

Locking services

Together with you, we will agree on and draw up a locking plan for your premises, before going on to implement it. This allows you to limit any residual risks and thus save high insurance costs.

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