Retail security

Opportunity makes the thief. No opportunity – no theft.

In the German retail sector, the damage caused by vandalism, robbery, fraud and theft is ever-growing, amounting to several billion euros each year.

Investing in modern, sophisticated security concepts is the way forward – enter Sauermann Sicherheit. We will protect your business from high losses, while keeping your employees and customers safe.

Our solutions combat the trend of rising crime. Through our professional appearance and innovative security technology, we will significantly reduce the chance of theft on your premises.

Mark Sauermann, Managing Director at Sauermann Sicherheit

How we can help

Professional detectives

You can rely on our professionally trained detectives. Our experienced team works incognito and discreetly on your premises. The only thing you'll be able to notice is a decrease in crime and theft!

Doormen and security guards

Our doormen go above and beyond. They not only deter potential perpetrators, thus preventing crime, but also represent your company in a welcoming manner. Our trained security guards perform this dual function, ensuring high-quality, respectful encounters between staff and customer.

Mystery shopping and employee checks

Gain an objective view of your quality of service, sales and consultations. Mystery shopping and employee checks are there for you to uncover and fix potential weak areas. These findings are integral to optimising crucial processes.

Fast and spontaneous surveillance operations

You can never be too prepared... Problems that occur at short notice, such as a power supply failure or building damage, often require spontaneous security measures. Even outside normal opening hours, we are there for our clients – quickly and unbureaucratically.

Professional video surveillance

Everything in sight and 100% GDPR-compliant. Secure both public and non-public areas, for example, by installing our intelligent MobilPro on your site. Our unobtrusive surveillance systems can be installed flexibly and almost anywhere.

Data collecting and documentation

Data provides important insights and is essential for optimising internal processes. Whether counting people, determining peak times, monitoring parking spaces, or analysing occupational safety – with our AI-based systems, data collection knows no limits.

Staff training

As a certified security provider with many years of experience, we are pleased to offer targeted training concepts tailored to your company. We work together with clients to proactively identify possible weak points, and thus ensure all staff members are trained up on necessary skills required for maintaining a secure site.

Locking and inspection services

A well-developed locking plan is crucial in terms of preventive security. Site entrances and exits are often compromised in the run-up to a crime, so carrying out a daily lock check is an indispensable security measure.

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