About us

A family-run business since 1996

Since 1996, our specialists have been providing security solutions for our clients. We are on duty for you – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Committed and highly motivated, we’re proud to say that our team is Sauermann Sicherheit’s most valuable asset. 

Years of experience

Our journey

Our story starts in Munich in 1996. We began with traditional security services – from surveillance in department stores to providing security for large sites and premises, we have supported a huge number of customers, some of them international.

With digitalisation on the rise, we saw the need to adapt. So, a few years ago, we added mobile video systems to our security services. Today, we have a synergetic approach: by combining in-person and video surveillance measures, we find the perfect security solution for each of our customers.

Sauermann Sicherheit is my passion. Every day, I look forward to working with my team to improve our customers' security concepts and give them peace of mind. Customer satisfaction is number one, and it's particularly fulfilling for me when I get to work on a solution together with a client.

Mark Sauermann, Managing Director and Founder of Sauermann Sicherheit

Our locations


Unter den Lauben 2
85521 Ottobrunn
Tel: +49 89 189 20 923
Fax: + 49 89 189 20 925
Email: info@sicherheitsdienst-sauermann.de


Stuttgarter Str. 31
71144 Steinenbronn
Tel: +49 7157 530528
Fax: + 49 7157 530529
Email: info@sicherheitsdienst-sauermann.de


Hamburger Str. 11
22083 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 822 178 933
Fax: + 49 40 822 179 000
Email: info@sicherheitsdienst-sauermann.de

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