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Sauermann Sicherheit protects your building site 24/7 against vandalism and theft. We strictly act according to your specifications, and intervene in real time, until a police operation is initiated (if necessary). Professional video surveillance using cutting-edge AI systems is an up-and-coming security standard, and pays off for every single site owner.

With our wide range of modern surveillance systems, we are able to fully cover your needs. From our standard power-connected systems fitted with three infrared cameras for optimum day and night vision, to completely self-sufficient systems fitted with fuel cells that in a range of zies, to our space-saving mobilPRO systems that can be used spontaneously and flesibly. All systems are connected 24/7 to our video control centre and allow you to send a live announcement to the intruder(s) through the high-performance loudspeakers. If desired, your area can also be permanently lit.

Yes and no. Using our intelligent, AI-based video analysis software means it’s not necessary to have someone constantly watch the cameras. The cameras analyse the specified area around the clock and only alert our control centre in the event of unauthorised entry – without delay and in real time.

When it comes to security, speed matters. As a medium-sized, family-run company, we can make decisions fast and can thus react quickly and personally to your individual concerns. Furthermore, in addition to our 25 years of experience in the specialist field of video surveillance, we also offer sophisticated and thorough technical solutions for almost all requirements. When it comes to high-quality camera technology, we do not skimp. Our camera systems provide continuous footage and work reliably and at a consistently high level.

We cover all steps of the surveillance process, meaning the security of your premises starts and ends with us. Manned 24/7, our in-house control centre provides the crucial link by verifying alarms and initiating the appropriate follow-up operation (police, security guards, etc.).

No, using video surveillance to protect your premises against theft and damage does not violate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, for a video surveillance system to be compliant with data protection, it goes without saying that the guidelines and specifications anchored in the GDPR must always be adhered to. We are specialists in this field and will advise you on how to guarantee GDPR-compliant video surveillance for your site.

Yes, we can pixelate or black out areas to make them unrecognisable. If this space is directly adjacent to a non-public area, we can easily make it unrecognisable or hide it altogether. Our focus lies on the area being monitored.

With our standard Videotower, an integrated rechargeable battery provides a 48-hour backup, ensuring reliable continued operation even in the event of a power supply failure. The Videotower Autonomous uses a combination of solar energy, battery and hybrid power to operate in an environmentally friendly and completely self-sufficient manner.

No, because security guard wages clearly exceed the costs of a professional video surveillance, even more so when considering night-shift surcharges. With Sauermann Sicherheit, you benefit from the combination of our reliable video-based solutions and the expertise of the trained human eye.

Our Videotowers are made of high-quality components suitable for industrial use and can withstand even extreme weather conditions. Should damage nevertheless occur, our control centre will receive an immediate message in real time. After that, we assign our 24/7 technical on-call service to fix any issues and restore the system to full functionality.

Yes, we offer the possibility of equipping your Videotower with white or green lighting on request. Whether and how the surveillance area can be permanently illuminated varies from site to site and must be carefully examined in advance.

To indicate a site is being monitored, clearly visible and GDPR-compliant placards and banners are required. In addition, we provide our customers with all the necessary reference documents to fully comply with required transparency and information obligations. In the information documents, we inform interested parties about all relevant data, such as the responsible contact person. Furthermore, we inform about the background and the process of the video surveillance in general.

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