Professional Protection and Security Personnel


Due to their special training, expert staff in the workscope of protection and security contribute to public safety and to law and order. They are mainly engaged in the areas of property protection, transport services, events protection as well as personal protection and the protection of valuables. As service providers they give a customer oriented service based on the observance of legal requirements, technical and organizational guidelines, rules and regulations as well as instructions governing specific work processes.

Sectors of Activity:

Guard and security service providers, large companies with their own guard and security set-ups.

Professional Qualifications:

Trained protection and security personnel plan and execute security measures and danger prevention. They calculate the involved danger potential and elaborate appropriate security measures. They check and monitor the observance of property protection and security regulations, especially in the field of health and safety regulations, fire regulations, environmental protection and data protection. They check that protective and safety equipment is functioning properly and initiate corrective measures where equipment proves to be faulty. They identify the effectiveness and danger potential of weapons and are able to react as the situation demands in the event of large-scale damage. They investigate, resolve and document security relevant occurrences. They work independently, in teams and in cooperation with other service providers, and contribute towards providing customer satisfaction for the customers of the company engaging their services.

Focus of Training:

  • Tasks, structure and legal form of training facilities
  • Professional training, rights and duties of trainee relations
  • Personnel, industrial and social legislation
  • Job relevant maintenance of industrial health and safety standards, regulations governing accident and fire prevention
  • Environmental protection and the rational use of energy

Knowledge of Legal Aspects and On-the-Job Performance for Security Personnel:

  • Individual and institutional rights
  • Knowledge of the legal aspects relevant to the company’s sphere of operation
  • Planning, execution and monitoring of security and preventative measures
  • Organization and on-the-job performance in various fields of activity such as: the protection of property and grounds, events and transport services, the protection of persons and valuables.

Professionally Appropriate Behavior and Action:

  • Conflict management and de-escalation, behavioral norms
  • Investigation, solution and documentation
  • Planning, deployment and use of security equipment and aids
  • Authority to issue directives, self-protective measures, first aid

Company Organization and Planning:

  • The setting up and running of training centers
  • Use of information and communication systems. Data protection / data security
  • Economic deployment of materials and personnel
  • Development of products designed to meet customers’ needs and the invoicing of such

Communication and Cooperation:

  • Deployment and operation of modern communication systems (internal/external)
  • Use of foreign specialist terminology and standard texts
  • Establishing, utilizing and maintaining customer contacts, correspondence
  • Teamwork, cooperation with customers and partners

Length of Training:

According to current regulations, training takes 3 years